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Spiritual Woo

Ashley Michelle

Welcome to Spiritual Woo! A space where we talk about all the things that move you! The things that wake and shake you!
No Woo Woo here!
We believe and talk about real, divine Spiritual Connections all while taking a lighthearted and sometimes humors approach. 

I'm your host; Ashley Michelle. From Bar-owning, late-night karaoke hosting, raging alcoholic. 
To yoga and meditation teacher, life and wellness coach, mindful manifestor and sober as fuck bad ass chick. 

I speak and teach from a place and space of Divine Spiritual Connection! Moving out of my own damn way to allow spirit to move through me, so that it may connect deeply to you! 
This podcast is here to inspire you! Perhaps you're just beginning to walk the Spiritual path. Maybe you're right in the thick of it! 

We will be exploring many different Spiritual concepts, practices and ideas. As well as chatting with some pretty inspiring, Spiritually aligned guests.
Plus I'll be sharing and bearing about my own Spiritual Awakening! WOO!
Our intention here, is to encourage and offer support to you throughout this beautifully, chaotic journey that we call Life!
Grab your tea, start your cleaning OR buckle up and prepare yourself for an Epic Spiritual Ride!